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Heavy Duty Diesel Chaff Cutter Machine With Engine

Brand : Indian

Price : Rs 36860.00 /pcs Rs 46860.00 /pcs Discount: 21% ( Including GST )
Shipping Cost : Free
Delivery By : Jul 23 - Jul 25
Buy Diesel Chaff Cutter Machine With Engine is multi-purpose equipment which is used to make green & dry fodder for cattle. They are known as chara cutter, Kutty cutting machine & puyal cutter in various regional languages. It's used to feed dairy cattle to improve their milk production. They come in various models with variable output capacity. Fodder cutter for cow feed crushing machine is a used for processing forage grass, green grass, dry corn straw, and wheat stalk. The final products can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses. These high speed chaff cutter for dairy farm operate at very high speed, modern machines for upcoming dairy farmers. These chaff cutter machines make all type of fodder, chaff and cut any farm output into small chaff particles that are enjoyed by cow's, buffalo, goat, camels etc. This machine ensures no wastage of food and proper digestion of animal is completed.

Type of Product: Diesel Engine Chaff Cutter
Automation Grade : Automatic
Brand Name: Indian
Body Material: MS Body
Power Source: Diesel Engine
Engine Power: 6.5 HP
RPM : 3600 RPM
Spindle Speed: 1000-1100 RPM
Blades No: 4 Pcs
Weight: 85 kg

Capacity Dry Fodder: 2000-2600 Kg/hour
Capacity Green Fodder:2500-3000 Kg/hour
Machine Feed: Dry Fodder of Bajra, Jowar, Corn, Sugarcane, Barseem, Fresh Grass

Accessories :
1.Chaff Cutter Machine
3.4 Blades
5.Spare Parts
6.4 wheel
9.Nuts bolt

Please note that as the material is heavy, couriers will not accept the material so this material will be sent by transport.